Julian and I

Julian and I

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AutorIn/UrheberIn: Vanessa Stelling 

Julian and I - A Mother’s Journey Through Regressive Autism

Beschreibung: Around the world, the number of children being diagnosed with autism is growing at an alarming rate yet parents are largely being kept in the dark about the possible reasons for this explosion. In this thought-provoking and thoroughly researched book, Vanessa Stelling gives a deeply personal account of her journey through regressive autism - beginning in New York City and ending in rural Switzerland. Stelling shares the many important lessons she learns along the way and does not shy away from the often-painful reality of her situation. Weaving a unique blend of narrative and exposé, she covers a wide range of topics that all parents of a child with autism will invariably have to contend with. At times heartbreaking, often humorous, always compassionate and unflinchingly honest, this timely and ultimately uplifting book confronts a complex - and increasingly urgent - subject head-on. In telling her story, Stelling's mission is to inform and inspire other parents and families facing their own journey through autism.

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